The Stark County
Port Authority

Established on June 22, 1995 by resolution of the Stark County Board of Commissioners, the SCPA was originated to use its broad statutory powers as a tool to promote economic development in Stark County.  While many port authorities are established to operate transportation facilities, the SCPA helps create and preserve jobs through a wide variety of financing, real estate and foreign trade zone programs.

Vision Statement

The SCPA will use the unique power and authority granted to port authorities in Ohio to provide the greater Stark County area with an economic development tool for new capital investment, job creation and retention.

Mission Statement

With our Vision Statement as our foundation, the SCPA will use all due diligence and sound business practices, using the expertise of qualified administrators and consultants, to meet the following objectives: 

  • To assist in the process of creating and managing foreign trade zones (FTZs) within Stark County
  • To serve as a financing vehicle for business development
  • To assist in real estate acquisition and development to further Stark County’s economic development activities
  • To serve as a resource for funding infrastructure and related improvements necessary for economic development
  • To promote, advertise and publicize the services, facilities and programs of the SCPA

Meeting Schedule

Click here for a link to Stark County Port Authority Meeting Schedule 

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